Keynote Speakers



Keynote Speaker I


Professor R. J. (Dick) Haynes

Soil and Environmental Science, School of Land Crop and Food Sciences/CRC CARE,
The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Queensland


Professor Haynes works in the areas of soil and environmental science. His present research interests are in the use and recycling of industrial, agricultural and municipal wastes and minimising their effects on the environment. He has extensive experience having worked as both an applied research scientist and as a university professor and has worked in New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. He has published over 170 original research papers in international journals, over 20 review papers in international volumes as well as many conference and extension papers and contract reports. He has been an invited keynote speaker at 7 international conferences and has served on the editorial board of 4 international research journals. He has acted as principal supervisor and co-supervisor of PhD, MSc and honours students in both South Africa and Australia. Professor Haynes has carried out research in commercial horticultural, pastoral, arable and forestry production as well as in small-holder semi subsistence agriculture. He has also worked on bioremediation of soils contaminated with organic pollutants, rehabilitation of mined sites, application of organic and inorganic wastes to soils and the effects of heavy metal contaminants on soil processes. His research has been mainly in the areas of applied soil chemistry and soil microbiology/biology with links to soil physical properties and to pollution of air and water. He has specialised in working on applied problems and maintains strong links with industry. Major areas of research have included the role of grazing animals in the fertility of pastoral soils, N cycling and gaseous and leaching losses from arable and pastoral systems, soil quality and soil degradation under agricultural land use, effects of soil contaminants on soil processes, rehabilitation and remediation of contaminated, degraded and mined sites and use of wastes as soil amendments.

Keynote Speaker II



Prof. Dora Marinova

Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute


Dora Marinova is a Professor of Sustainability and Director of the Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute where her research is on sustainability and new technologies. She has over 400 publications, 45 completed PhD students and has conducted research for the Australian Research Council, Western Australian and Commonwealth Departments. Since 2013 she has been a Panel Member of the NHMRC Centres of Excellence in Population Health Grant Review Committee.


Keynote Speaker III


Prof. Barry Jones
California Polytechnic State University, USA

Professor of Construction Engineering and Management
Construction Innovations Center, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0284, USA
Degrees and Awards
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) Civil Engineering Department; University of Southampton, Southampton, UK, Thesis Title: “A Model for Collaborative Engineering in the Construction Industry” (1999).
Master of Science (MSc.) Construction Management and Economics, University of Aston in Birmingham, UK (1980).
ONC/HNC Undergraduate Construction Engineering and Management (Building), Luton College of Technology, UK.
Fellow – American Society of Civil Engineers (2003).
Fellow – Chartered Institute of Building (2003).
Outstanding Educators Award in recognition of my contribution to Excellence in Teaching and Support for Construction Education - American Schools of Construction (ASC) (Boston 2010).
Award nomination for distinguished professor award (2006).
Distinguished Educator Award, California Faculty Association, (2004).
Member America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals (2003).